About Diesel 1 Repair

Your diesel engine preventive maintenance specialists

Diesel engines are common in fleet vehicles, semi-trucks and pickup trucks. They provide optimal power for carrying and moving large, heavy loads.

Diesel engines are exceptionally powerful and reliable, but they do need regular maintenance in order to stay in top condition.

Simple steps taken at the right time can help avoid potentially expensive repairs later.

The team at Diesel 1 Repair can help you set a schedule for oil and filter changes and all other necessary regular preventive maintenance on your diesel vehicle. Call us today at 228-243-5275 or text 228-2160868.

Medium to heavy-duty diesel engine service and repair

Diesel vehicles run differently than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Because diesel engines do not have electrical ignition parts such as plugs and wires, there are fewer components within the vehicle that need to be maintained.

But not every automotive shop is qualified to properly service diesel engines, so when your diesel engine does require maintenance, bring it to the experienced diesel specialists at Diesel 1 Repair.

Our expert team has extensive training in diesel engine repair, and has the latest equipment to diagnose and fix problems other shops may miss entirely.

When your medium to heavy-duty truck or other diesel equipment needs preventive maintenance or repair, call us today at 228-243-5275 or text 228-2160868.